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Grantmaking Priorities

Guiding Principles

Our grant making is guided by the following values:

We Believe:

We believe that these fundamental values are best instilled at a young age by caring families, supportive schools and a society which feels a strong sense of responsibility for educating and nurturing their young to be knowledgeable, motivated and prepared to take part in the preservation and betterment of the societies in which they will take part.

We believe that responsible, caring and capable individuals must work together to preserve fair and just laws, individual freedoms and equalities of opportunity for all within these societies. And we believe that these societies also must offer respectful and dignified aid for those within these societies that are less fortunate, to enable them to achieve a level of independence and make contributions to their society to the best of their capabilities.

Types of Organizations and Proposals We Support

We seek grant making relationships with nonprofit organizations that have capable, accountable leadership and programs that are effective in addressing current community needs, thereby assuring the wise use of philanthropic resources.

The Stranahan Foundation has a particular interest in considering proposals that exhibit:

The above listing is intended to provide grant applicants with guidance regarding criteria and characteristics that are of interest to and valued by the Foundation.  It is understood that individual proposals may exhibit some, but not all, of these qualities.

Eligibility to Apply for a Grant

In order to be considered, potential applicants must be organizations described in section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

All applicants must, as a first step, submit a letter of inquiry to the Stranahan Foundation.  Full proposals are by invitation only and may only be submitted by organizations that are invited to apply AFTER their letter of inquiry has been accepted and reviewed. The Foundation will contact those organizations invited to submit a full proposal and notify those that are not eligible to apply.  Instructions and forms for letters of inquiry and full grant proposals can be found on our website

The Foundation will not support organizations that discriminate in the leadership, staffing or service provision on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, political affiliation or religious beliefs.

We respect the importance of religion to many people as well as freedom of religious choice. We do not feel that our funds should promote any particular religion.  Religious organizations with proposals for programs clearly related to our funding areas may be considered if our funds are dedicated solely to the specific program, are not used for the advancement of a particular religious persuasion, and if the program is available to all in need, regardless of religious belief.

The Stranahan Foundation does not normally consider proposals for funding in the following areas: personal businesses; reduction or elimination of deficits; projects that are located outside of the United States; endowment fund campaigns; government sponsored or controlled projects; or individuals.

Priority Areas of Interest

The Foundation will consider grant opportunities that fall within five priority areas of interest:  education; physical and mental health; ecological well-being; arts/culture; and human services.  The following descriptions are intended to provide potential grant applicants with guidance as to the types of programs – within each of the afore-mentioned areas of interest – that would best fit our priorities.


Our emphasis is to:


We support programs – in both the physical and mental health arenas - that build healthy communities, with a particular interest in those that:


We believe ecological well-being is inextricably linked to the sustainability of our communities.  The Foundation seeks to support programs (in our local communities) that focus on:


We believe that every person in our society should have access to the creative process and that the arts have a unique and powerful ability to improve the quality of our lives because they:

The Foundation has a particular interest in programs that reach out to and include those who might not otherwise have such opportunities. We are especially excited by programs which directly engage participants, of any age, in the creative process.


The Foundation seeks to strengthen our local communities through support for programs that offer disadvantaged families and individuals of all ages: