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Application Instructions

IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding any further, please review the Stranahan Foundation Grantmaking Priorities and Application Deadlines


Eligibility to Begin the Application Process

Nonprofit Status:  ALL applicants must have current status as a public charity as defined in section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code

Geographic Eligibility:  ALL applicants must either be:

(a)  Serving the Toledo, Ohio area, OR; 

(b) Invited (to submit a letter of inquiry) by a Stranahan Foundation representative. Unsolicited letters of inquiry from organizations outside the Toledo, Ohio area cannot be considered.

There are two phases to the application process:

Phase 1 is the Letter of Inquiry:  ALL potential applicants MUST complete a letter of inquiry (click to review a sample form) as a first step.  Answers to the questions on the letter of inquiry form should be brief and clearly stated.  Once letters of inquiry are reviewed by the Foundation's Committee, organizations are informed as to whether a full grant application (which is by invitation only) may be submitted.  All letters of inquiry must be completed and submitted online via the e-grant system (link below).  E-mailed, faxed or mailed inquiries cannot be accepted.

Phase 2 is the Full Grant Application:  The Stranahan Foundation cannot accept unsolicited full applications – full applications are by invitation only.  If invited to proceed to Phase 2, applications must be completed and submitted online via the e-grant system (link below).  E-mailed, faxed or mailed applications cannot be accepted.

Before you begin Phase I (i.e. the letter of inquiry), you must determine and select your grant type (grant types are described below).  Your selection of grant type during Phase I is extremely important as it determines the type of application you will complete (in Phase II) if you are invited to submit a full grant application.  Review the following descriptions carefully before selecting your grant type.  If you are unsure as to which grant type you should select during Phase I (letter of inquiry), send your question(s) to Kelly Harmon at 

Click below to review a sample full application form for the grant type you believe best fits your request. Reviewing the questions on the full grant application form BEFORE you start Phase I will help you determine whether you are selecting the correct grant type.

To begin the application process, go to [PLEASE NOTE: This site is NOT for submitting applications for the Early Childhood grant program]

Questions?  Contact Kelly Harmon at 419-882-5575 or